Escape By Sea 

Survival drama inspired by true events about an escape from the French Foreign Legion in the 1950s.

Directed by Aku Louhimies, 2018

MLC Life Insurance

Directed by David Den Engelsman, 2018


Directed by: Ever Sliter, 2018

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Twig (172 of 187).jpg

I Never Really Left 

A film about being lost, found the mysteries of life and the connections we make along the way.

Directed by Izzak Love, 2018











ABC - Radio App 

ABC Radio app commercial. Directed by Nick Allford, 2017 





Twig is about a young woman who enters a rundown old house to make a bargain with the creature that lives in the attic.

A short film by Adrian Nugent 




As the world celebrates her writing, Maya strives through her life of delusions and alienation.


A short film by Anagha Unni.  


Old World

A lonely detective is conflicted as he becomes intrigued by the mysterious girl who he is contracted to kill.

A short film by Jermaine Yuen, 2016. Photo by Nicholas Prokop.


A fairy lures a knight to his death.

A Short film by Jermaine Yuen, 2015.


Waking up in a stranger's apartment, in an unknown room, in someone else's bed, next to a crime scene. With no recollection whatsoever would you call the police or run?

A short film by Michelle Saliba, 2015.

Not Quite Al Dente

A short film by Leon Kowalski, 2014.